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A Plan For A Business

The final project for my incubator program at school was to submit an full business plan on top of the poster presentation. If you are feeling really keen to read through 13 pages of my rambles of how I would launch the company today then you can check it out here.

Writing that all out forced me to think through all the details and evaluate if it is something that is feasible. I love fashion and absolutely would love to execute Canopy, but it is an incredibly capital intensive project. Given that I am 22 years old and finishing school in a week I don't have a lot of extra money floating around.

I have decided that in the summer I would invest into some of my own leather-working and sewing tools and make some one-off items for friends and family. This will allow me to explore some innovations in the carry industry as well as iterating and nailing down certain features with some more forgiving clientele. If you have any extra leather-working or sewing equipment you aren't using or are using and want to show me how let me know.

On the off chance you read through the business plan and want to help make that happen here is my email.