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Doing work I'm proud of

A couple weeks ago we launched the website of a new startup that we are working with. This project holds a very special place in my story for multiple reasons. As I mentioned in my first newsletter, since hiring a team, it feels like Renga is finding new identity. This transition was well timed by a request from a contact, who had seen my post on LinkedIn about my first hire. He sent an email asking if Renga could help him with the following:

1 - Logo Design including Brand Standard Guide

2 - Help with App Name (Brand Strategy)

3 - Single “landing page” website - Might need help with copywriting

4 - UI Design on the native mobile app

5 - Design and graphics for 20 page Series A financing pitch deck

6 - Starter site (5 pages ish)

Well this felt like an incredibly blessing because he nearly asked for the exact services and methodology that Matt, Ben and myself had been trying to determine a sales strategy for. I refrained from typing “YESSSSSSSS” and booked a call to chat through what they were looking to accomplish.

We were blessed, not only by the scope of the request but by their absurd timeline that they wanted this project to be completed in. They were wanting naming, identity design, website design and development, style guide, app elements to all happen in a month. The reason this was a blessing was because it disqualified the majority of our competition. Frankly, if they asked for that now, it would disqualify us as well. I had just made some hires and was looking for a big project for the team to tackle, we knew that if we went all in we could make it happen.

When we had our first call with their team, they were very quick to say that they trusted our expertise and were open to our creativity. I cannot overstate how important this trust was for us to meet their deadline. In fact, after that initial call I already had the perfect name in my head. Somehow the name we picked was not used, and their whole team loved it. The name that we selected was MoneyClip.

I was initially going to write this post to explain the details of the decisions that we made in this project but I would rather link the case study. Instead I believe this post should be more of a testimony of how luck plays a major part in all entrepreneurial endeavours. One of my favourite podcasts is “How I Built This” by NPR. In every interview Guy asks the guests how much of their journey they attribute to hard-work and talent and how much do they attribute to luck.

When I think about the journey I have had so far it is so clear that what some call luck is the major factor, not only in timing and circumstance but the “who-luck” of the people I get to meet and create with. As I do believe in God, I would use different language for these blessings. The one thing I have always believed in surrounding luck or blessings is that they are defined by the opportunities that are put in front of us. Our response, determination and boldness to chase after these opportunities that cause them to actualize.

We were able to knock this project out of the park which has given us the confidence in our abilities, a great example of what we are capable of and in turn it has turned MoneyClip into our first retainer agreement. The case study has become a prime selling tool and allowed us to lock in additional business.

Contrary to the question asked in the podcast, I do not believe luck and skill to be mutually exclusive, I don’t know how I could describe their relationship, but I believe our hard work and determination can present more opportunities, or at the very least, fine tune our ability to notice them. When looking retrospectively it’s hard to miss the moments of luck and blessing. I believe that the challenge is to try and recognize them while you’re in it.