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Efficiency Is Killing The Middle Class

The efficiency of the web is eliminating the middle class in industries. Let’s use web development as an example. The premium designers will always have work as they push the industry further and further ahead, grabbing the clients that demand and can afford constant innovation. The premium developers are also building tools that are incredibly affordable for the client such as Squarespace, Format, Behance, Cargo Collective. These services do a better job than what the amateur would be able to develop and the user can manage it with little knowledge of HTML. This leaves the amateur left to do pro-bono work until they can develop their portfolio enough to become a premium developer or an in-house “web designer”. Usually the in-house designer job is a CMS manager with the ability to tweak some CSS and install new plugins.

The top-class talent build a nearly free tool that allows the stay-at-home mom build something of the same caliber the majority in the industry would. All of this with minimal reading and maybe an instructional YouTube video. As an entrepreneur it is incredibly exciting that such tools are readily available at a low cost. They allow me to build things in a couple hours a week that used to take much longer with a full team of staff. For the artist it is saddening (if they are hoping to monetize their art). You need to become a slave to your trade if you are looking to make money off of it. This is the age of the master. People that have dedicated years and years to their craft will become rockstars but leave the rest of us to starve or find something new.

However artists that create for the love of creating are also rejoicing as this efficiency has allowed them to share their art in ways they would have never imagined. Connecting more people to their expressions, finding similar work and greater inspiration. There are so many incredible communities full of people who love to create, share and connect.

All of this to say that if you want to try and create, do it because you love it, not for the potential to make money. If you are completely content practicing your craft in evenings and weekends then don’t expect more then that. If the oppourtunity comes that you can turn your craft into your primary source of income, be incredibly thankful that you are so very blessed. Create for the love of creating.