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Nearly three years later

Nearly three years later

The last time I blogged was February 2020. Since then, a lot has happened in the world and in my life as well. Over the last month or so, I've been doing a lot of reflecting on what this season has revealed about myself.

I'm still unpacking a lot of this as I'm sure many of us are, but one of the most valuable exercises for me has been getting things out of my head through writing. Writing significantly helps me clarify my thoughts and has the power to reveal what I actually think.

I am building a business, building a family and trying to navigate how these are shaping my own identity and purpose. As I sit and write this post, I'm flooded with all the lessons, thoughts, opinions that I've developed through these experiences, while simultaneously feeling an incredible overwhelm with how little I understand about it all.

This blog is for me to wrestle with all of these dynamics, it's not to build a brand, sell a course, create different income streams in my life. Perhaps some of those paths might open up as I continue on this journey, but right now, this is for me. I LOVE to get distracted by the thought of redesigning my site, or the other revenue opportunities that it could lead to and the mapping of building something big. This is my comfort zone and it's so much easier for me to hang out there then to actually sit down, turn off the wifi and write.

For myself, I am committing to hit publish once a week for the next 18 weeks (calendar year). I need to write because the process of writing is hard for me, it forces me to formulate and document what I think. I'd way rather hangout in the whirlwind of life and solve the immediate problem, because that's where I'm comfortable. I'm extremely uncomfortable executing the plan that I formulated and doing the maintenance required to see it come to fruition.

So here we are, the first push of the publish button. If you're keen to keep me accountable or follow what I'm processing, feel free to subscribe.