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Overwhelmed by tools

Today I had the feeling of anxiety from digital clutter, not necessarily to scary full desktop with zero organization, but rather the way that certain processes happen and all the tools I need to run through.

It started with a very simple task of collaborative email inboxes, which turned into looking at multiple software options. We had then posted some new job positions at renga.co/careers and then I had an influx of calls to my personal cell phone. This caused me to look at Google Voice alternatives.

I then started to look at all of the different services we use and the subscription prices that we pay and it started to get overwhelming as I was listing them all out.

  • Email
  • VoIP
  • CRM
  • Project management software
  • File storage
  • Team email
  • Newsletter Campaign Management
  • Accounting

Starting to understand how things should flow and all the processes that need to be involved to bring the pieces together started to feel like a mountain in itself and a few hours later, it felt like I got nothing done except adding more options to the list.

All this has done is made me understand the importance of these processes and building them in a way that can scale properly. The last thing you want to do is find the “good enough for now” tool and have to go through the same process in a few months as the team grows. On the other hand, I do need to avoid the desire to find the “perfect” system as that does not exists and focus on building the business rather than working on the business. I am sure this will be an interesting balance that will always need to be navigated.