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Pocket Change Farewell

This is a goodbye. Many of you have known that Pocket Change has been wound down over the last year and I wanted to apologize for how poorly we have communicated the end to you.

Long story short: we were winding down the business to relaunch with a new brand that was positioned a little different, but with the same vision. We had some personnel changes that prevented the relaunch because I know that I could not build something on my own. We wanted to announce the launch of the new brand and the end of Pocket Change together and well, when the launch didn’t happen either did the announcement of Pocket Change’s end. I am very sorry for how poorly that was handled.

Secondly I would love to say a huge thank you! The journey that was Pocket Change was unbelievable. To look back at what was done it is clear to me how integral each and everyone of you were in helping build this brand and business into something special. Pocket Change will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the first business I started and I truly feel that it was built by a community. A community of people who had a united vision and desire to make a difference in the world. You inspired me everyday and I will forever be grateful.

Ross, Ben, Dustin, Jesse you guys were truly amazing and never got the credit that you deserved behind this business. You kept me grounded, inspired crucial vision and made the “business end” really fun and enjoyable. To my parents who were my main support from day one, I am forever grateful of your sacrifices and motivation when things were tough. To our countless number of volunteers. Whether you helped us set up a table, took photos or video, did graphics, helped us at an event, shared our vision or in anyway used your talents and abilities to help us make something happen. We needed you, you delivered above and beyond continually. Thank you so much, high five! To our team of athletes and musicians, you guys were family, truly. I am sorry that I did not communicate the end that clearly with you guys at all. To everyone who ever purchased a piece from us, we know that you were often buying more than a piece of clothing. You were buying into something bigger and we saw you as participants in building that, not just customers.

I love you all.